Works 90% of body muscles (versus 40%

in conventional training)
Targets surface and deep muscles tissues
Compensates muscular imbalances
Helps in muscle formation and definition
Improves performance, speed, strength


 Rehabilitates and works as body therapy

Reduces back pain

Improves circulation

Gentle on the joints, injury-free workout 

miha bodytec TECHNOLOGY



20 Seven Studios use the miha bodytec technology equipment, the first company to revolutionize fitness training with EMS. 


miha bodytec is produced in Germany and meets extremely high quality requirements. This claim is underscored by exceptionally long warranty periods of the the miha bodytech equipment and products. 

miha bodytec programs are based on scientific facts and studies and are oriented to the highest possible customer benefits and the greatest ease of use.

miha bodytec combines the right ingredients to form a revolutionary system: The most innovative technology combined with optimal results and optimal comfort.

The way miha bodytec works is revolutionary: the agonist, antagonist and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated with electrical impulses. This enables users to gently and effectively train both specific muscle groups as well as their whole body. The effect can be seen and felt in no time at all; miha bodytec is an all-round training device for different applications.

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